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A day in Anchorage, AK

A day in Anchorage, AK

Alaska is my 49th state to visit! I was super excited to have the opportunity to visit Alaska last week. I thought it was super that Alaska was the 49th state and it is my 49th state. I have been fortunate over my life to be able to visit nearly all of the states. 

Me on find Friends

I arrived at 10:30pm in Anchorage and the sun was just setting. The next morning I was overwhelmed by the size the mountains surrounding the city. 

Sunset at 10:30pm

I was amazed how quickly the mountains rose from sea level. They were majestic, awe inspiring and humbling.


A little reindeer sausage and black bean soup for lunch

A quick trip to Portage Glacier

One way tunnel

From Portage Glacier to Whittier, AK I drove through a one way tunnel in the Chugach National Forest. I had to hit the timing just right...southbound traffic gets through on the hour and northbound traffic gets through on the 1/2 hour.

Deep water port at Whittier

Back through the tunnel and the rest of the day in Anchorage.

From the top of Flat Top. The city in valley.

I decided to take a tour of Anchorage on the Visitors Center trolly. It's a great way to get the history of the city in a short 1 hour ride. 

The Alaska railroad was instrumental in developing the area. The bumper on the front of this engine is called a "moose gooser." It was designed to bump the moose off the tracks so the bigger engines could come through without hitting the moose.

Time to head to the airport and say "so long" to Alaska. the airport and the view from the airplane leaving at 10:30 pm is breathtaking.

Ceiling tile mosaic in the airport.

A Little Slice of Heaven

A Little Slice of Heaven

Tacoma Washington is a fun place to visit

Tacoma Washington is a fun place to visit